Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 8/1/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 8/1/2022

Andy brings us the forecast this week. It is now August and our mid summer fishing is awesome on the warm water rivers. The bass fishing started off hot today as the waters are rising a bit and slightly off color from recent rainfall. We will have clearing conditions and warm weather the rest of this week and then a threat of rain Friday into Saturday again. Now that many of our rivers are hitting base flow we are also seeing carp moving into the shallows feeding. All flies are in play every day bass fishing. We generally start off with a baitfish, crayfish, hellgrammite, or frog pattern and will move to a popping bug once the insects are out in full force. Some days fish will eat bugs right out of the gate but lately the bug bite has been turning on in the afternoon hours and into the evening. Stock up on 0-3x leaders, fluorocarbon tippet, and your favorite smallmouth flies for the next 2 months of hot action. The trout fishing on Sunday on the spring creeks was epic. The dark, overcast rainy weather made for some great fishing. Tricos will continue to hatch into the fall every morning. Right now the spinner fall will last until 8-8:30ish AM. We saw our first hex the other night. We anticipate seeing more over the next few weeks in the evening hours. Our grasshoppers are getting larger by the day and the fish are tuning into them now. Hopper droppers should be your go-to for the afternoon hours heading through August. Brook trout fishing is mostly on hold until we get a big pulse of rain up in the mountains. Some of the bigger streams in WV and our VA tailwaters can provide some good trout fishing this time of year if you need a good trout fix. Check out the video for all the details!


Murdich Minnow

Murdich Wiggler



CK Baitfish

Umpqua Bass Popper

Umpqua Swim Frog

Umpqua Deer Hair Bugs

Home Invader

Creek Leech

Whitlock Patterns

Dragon Tail






Thin Mints




Front End Loader

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