Private Water Fly Fishing

We manage a premium section of trout water on Smith Creek at Susie Q Farm that is available to reserve for private fishing access.

Susie Q Farm is located on over 1 mile of Smith Creek. It is open for rod fee bookings 7 days a week year round for un-guided fishing. Fishing on the farm may close select weeks in the fall for hunting. 

Susie Q Farm is located on Smith Creek just over a mile below Lacey Spring. The farm property contains over 1 mile of this meandering limestone spring creek. This stretch is unique due to the multiple stream improvements that have been made through the efforts of Watt Bradshaw and the Grace Family. The number of cold springs and structure on the property allow the trout to thrive. Insect hatches are prolific and the trico, blue wing olive, midge, and hex hatches are incredible. Winter and early spring conditions allow for some incredible streamer fishing and the summer months provide some of the best terrestrial fishing we have experienced. This property is a fly fishing only, catch and release only, barbless hook fishery. Anglers will have access to the creek from sunup to sundown. Farm information and directions are provided at the time of booking. Reservations are made exclusively through Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. 

Susie Q Farm Rod Fee - $100 per angler