Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 7/11/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 7/11/2022

Andy brings us the fishing forecast for the week ahead. We have some good news all around in the area. Rainfall from last week and this weekend recharged some of our mountain streams and trout waters. Dry River has decent flows and water temps are around 63 degrees most days. The next few days will be warm but temps drop later in the week into the 80s during the day and upper 50's and low 60's in the evening hours. It will be cooler up in the higher elevations so camping and fishing weather will be good while water flows last. The east slope of the National Park looks to have gotten a big pulse of water over the weekend. The Hazel river gauge went up to 11 feet! The spring creek action is in full summer swing. Reports have been good with anglers fishing dry/dropper rigs. Beetles and small hoppers are taking fish but the droppers are cleaning up when fish are reluctant to come to the surface. Try a size 18 red, black, or olive zebra midge off a big beetle like a mohawk or hamburglar. Foam hoppers, PMX, and ants are also important flies to have right now. Trico hatches can be thick this time of year especially on warm calm mornings. If you have a hard time seeing tricos in size 20-22 try an ant pattern in a size 16 or 18. Many times you will have fish very willing to sip an ant during the trico spinner fall. Susie Q Farm is still open and fishing well especially early and late. We will continue to fish it while conditions remain good. Reports from Beaver Creek have been excellent. Permits have been easier to come by lately as many folks are fishing bass or traveling right now. The bass fishing continues to be excellent. We had some water clarity issues Sunday from rains Friday night and Saturday but the Shenandoah and James are looking to be in excellent shape this week. There is a small threat of afternoon thunderstorms this week on Tuesday and Wednesday but it is looking fairly dry with calm winds through the weekend! We are looking forward to some excellent topwater action and some sight fishing this week. Check out the video below for full details.

Trout Flies For This Week:




Thin Mints



Front End Loader


Best Smallmouth Bass Flies:






Ck Baitfish

Murdich Wiggler

Murdich Minnow


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