Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 7/6/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 7/6/2022

The holiday rush is over and traffic on the rivers has dissipated quite a bit. Nick brings us the forecast for the week ahead. The big story will be afternoon thunderstorms. Be sure to keep an eye on the radar every day. We saw heavy showers and storms between Staunton and Bridgewater on Wednesday afternoon. Those storms boosted flows in Middle and North River. The South Fork bumped up today as a result of that rain but the fishing is still in great shape. Many of our brook trout streams are now getting pretty thin but again, afternoon storms can quickly replenish flows. Dry River continues to fish well with decent water flow for the next few days. Little yellow stones, small attractor dries in 14 and 16 and ants and small beetles are taking fish. Tricos, ants, beetles, small hoppers are working on the spring creeks. Have some streamers ready for rainy afternoons and evenings. Most of our stocked streams and delayed harvest streams are getting low, warm, and marginal now. Stick to the tailwaters, spring creeks, and the mountain streams with the most flow for the best action. South Fork Shenandoah has been excellent. Good numbers and size of fish every day. Our guides are still completely booked through July and August is almost completely full. If you want to get out on the river with one of our guides in peak season- August- Sept get in touch soon. We are also booking spring/summer 2023 if folks want to ensure time on the water next year with our team! 

Trout Flies For This Week:




Thin Mints



Front End Loader


Best Smallmouth Bass Flies:






Ck Baitfish

Murdich Wiggler

Murdich Minnow

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