Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 6/7/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 6/7/2022

Brian brings us the fishing forecast this week. Caddis, drakes, little yellow stones are still flying around the higher elevation streams. Water flows are strong just about everywhere. We do have a threat of rain this week off and on. Thunderstorms and heavy rain could create some issues on the Shenandoah and James again. Keep an eye on the radar and gauges as the week progresses. Fishing could be great if conditions stay right where they are on our warm water rivers. Overcast and rainy days will be excellent on the spring creeks. Streamer fishing is strong on the rainy days. In the early mornings the trico hatch has been solid. Sulphurs and drakes are still flying around in the evenings. Terrestrial insects will become more important later this month when the beetles emerge and more hoppers become available to fish. Check out the full forecast below and stop in or shop online for the largest selection of flies and gear in the region!

Hot New Trout Flies:

Gum Dropper Wet Fly

Partridge Soft Hackle

Creek Leech

Pink Bead Jig Pheasant Tail

Shagadelic Mop

Cherry Limeade

401K Baetis

Warrior Perdigon

Twisted Worm

Bandito Craw

Retriever Jig



Best Smallmouth Bass Flies:



Ck Baitfish

Reaper Jig

Murdich Wiggler

Murdich Minnow

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