Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 6/13/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 6/13/2022

Brian brings us the forecast for the week and things are looking HOT. Unfortunately it is not just the fishing that is hot, we are looking at a full week of highs in the 90's with lows around 70. Fortunately we have a ton of water in our mountain streams and spring creeks right now. We also have a threat of thunderstorms everyday so we will likely get a continued boost in water flow this week. Little yellow stones, drakes, and caddis continue to keep the brookies looking up. Ants and beetles are also in play all over our trout streams right now. Hoppers continue to emerge right now but most are very small. Flies like PMX, Mohawk Beetles, Foam Hoppers, Thunder Thigh Hoppers, and any ant pattern will take surface feeders on the spring creeks. The trico hatch has been excellent on these hot days. Look for fish sipping emergers at daylight and then spinners through 9am. The evening hatch has been getting sparse with a few caddis, drakes, and sulphurs around. Keep big streamers handy for the rain showers and periods of overcast this week. The musky fishing has been solid on the Shenandoah lately. Water temps are hovering in the upper 60's and will likely warm up a bit later this week. Keep an eye on water temps and fish early if temps start to approach 74 degrees. The bass fishing has been excellent. Topwater fishing has been great when water clarity has been good. We have loads of beautiful poppers in stock right now along with popular flies like the Murdich Minnow, Murdich Wiggler, Todd's Wiggle Minnow, Ck Baitfish, and Clawdads!

Trout Flies For This Week:




Thin Mints



Front End Loader


Best Smallmouth Bass Flies:






Ck Baitfish

Murdich Wiggler

Murdich Minnow

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