Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/26/2024

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/26/2024

Brian brings us the fishing forecast this week. Weather is warm early this week with temps in the 60's. Wet weather will arrive late Tuesday and run into Wednesday night. After the front mid week temps will drop back into the 40's. Little black caddis, quill gordons, and a few other little mayflies and midges are hatching now. The caddis up in the mountains are small, 16-18 and dark in color. Quill gordons will start getting more prolific on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge as well. Once water temps bump up a few more degrees our dry fly fishing will start to be more consistent. Nymphing will continue to be the most productive approach in the mountains with size 12-14 flies with 5x leaders and tippet. The spring creeks will begin seeing more caddis over the next few weeks popping off. While streamer and nymph fishing will continue to be the best approach make sure you have some size 12-14 dark bodied caddis flies and wet flies in the event a big hatch occurs. These hatches are sporadic at times but can be intense bringing some big fish to the surface. While we have some overcast and rainy days be sure to have large dark profile streamers and some heavy tippet this week. We have put a few musky and some large smallmouth in the boats lately and we expect that trend to continue to get better as water warms up on our larger rivers like the Shenandoah and James. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for fishing updates throughout the week!



Split Shot 

Jigged Hot Head Pheasant 


Shagadellic Mop

Jiggy Pat 


Baby Goga

Galloup's Monkey

Galloup's Dungeon

Lead Eye Bugger

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