Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/20/2024

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/20/2024

Brian brings us the forecast this week. Nights have been cold but we have mostly sunny weather outside of Thursday into Friday when we have another chance of rain. Temps will be back in the 60's by next week and on! The best news is that the dry fly fishing is getting better up in the mountains. Even with only a few bugs hatching right now reports are getting better and better for those folks fishing dry flies. You can see some quill gordons and other small mayflies begin any day now especially on the eastern side of the Blue Ridge. Caddis will be coming off in the mountains and also on the spring creeks soon. Of course fishing deep while the water is still cold will yield more and possibly bigger fish until insect hatches really mature and water temps warm up! Big fish have been caught on Beaver Creek, Mossy Creek, and out at Susie Q Farm. We anticipate only better quality fishing as days get longer and water temps bump up a bit. All of our creeks are running full right now and look beautiful. Another shot of rain this Friday could bring about some great streamer fishing conditions for big fish and also give us another shot of rain to keep the ground wet and the creeks running strong. We are officially out of the drought throughout the entire State meaning we should have good water flows heading into our peak spring season. Bass fishing is getting better as the big rivers drop and clean up. Water temps have been in the low 40's most days but we are looking forward to that jumping up significantly over the course of the next week. When water temps hit 50 degrees the largest bass will become more active and will become more available to anglers willing to put in the time. Musky fishing has been solid the past week with a number of fish caught. Bob hooked an upper 30's class musky and 2 smallmouth over 19 inches on a short afternoon float on Monday. We are PUMPED for the next few weeks ahead as the weather and water conditions should be excellent for big fish all over! Spring is almost here!!!



Split Shot 

Jigged Hot Head Pheasant 


Shagadellic Mop

Jiggy Pat 


Baby Goga

Galloup's Monkey

Galloup's Dungeon

Lead Eye Bugger


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