Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/12/2024

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/12/2024

Brian brings us the forecast this week. More wet weather in on the way Monday night into early Tuesday morning. The higher elevation streams are flush with water right now. Reports from local brook trout anglers were good last week in that warm spell. Despite the water being cold the dry fly fishing was quite good. More fish caught on nymphs but last week was our first quality week of dry fly fishing for brookies. We also saw some quality fish off the spring creeks. A few big browns were caught on Mossy and some big rainbows caught out at Susie Q Farm and on Beaver Creek. This week we will have some higher and possibly dirtier water and some windy conditions. Streamers on the bottom and nymphs also fished deep will likely be your best approach. Sunny and warmer weather will return by Sunday and early next week. We saw some bass and musky anglers hook into a few big ones last week when the weather was stable. Watch the thermometer this week as we are expecting some nights with temps in the low 20's that will drop water temps dramatically. If you are a more fair weather angler you might tie some flies or organize your gear this week as next week is looking pretty awesome. Check out the video for all the details! 



Split Shot 

Jigged Hot Head Pheasant 


Shagadellic Mop

Jiggy Pat 


Baby Goga

Galloup's Monkey

Galloup's Dungeon

Lead Eye Bugger

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