Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/13/2023

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/13/2023

Brian brings us the forecast this week. We received a good deal of rain yesterday, with some areas seeing over 1" of water and higher elevations seeing snow and ice. We will see more unseasonably warm weather this week, with some days in the upper 60s. Mossy and our other spring creeks are off-colored, but in excellent shape for streamer fishing. The water has been clear for some time, making this a great time to fish the creeks. Grab your streamer box and go hunting! Our mountain streams are full but will drop quickly over the next few days. We are only a couple weeks away from some of our favorite hatches on these streams. This was a great shot of rain heading into the spring season. The larger rivers are flooded and chocolate milk. Keep your eye on the gauges as the bigger waters like the James and Shenandoah are going to take more to time to fall to fishable levels, for our winter bass and musky fishing. Check out the video for more details!


Baby Gonga

Bunny Muddler


Mini Dungeon

Near Nuff Sculpin

Mop Flies!!

Pool Noodle

Rubber Leg Crystal Bugger 

Y2K Egg

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