Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 10/24/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 10/24/2022

Nick brings us the forecast this week. Water is still very low and clear. It does look like we might get some moisture over the weekend Saturday night into next Monday. The overcast rainy weather should make the trout fishing a little easier. The good news is the weather is beautiful this week. Temps will be in the 60's with low's in the 40's but not getting into the 30's or near freezing. More and more brook trout are cutting redds right now. Reports are coming in from the Shenandoah National Park to the western part of the State where anglers are seeing brook trout. We are also seeing redds and browns paired up on Mossy Creek. Those brown trout always get challenging this time of year when they are spawning. The rainbows will be hungry through this period so try for them and avoid fishing for actively paired up fish on the creeks where there are browns and brook trout. Beaver Creek and Spring Run are stocked up and although very low and clear they are fishing well. Back Creek DH, Jackson, Bullpasture, Cowpasture, South River are also full of fish right now. Traffic is heavy on these rivers as there are not a lot of other quality options with the water being so low everywhere else. Bass fishing on the Shenandoah will be ok on calm days when the leaves aren't flying in and choking up the main channel. We are seeing plenty of musky right now but they are finicky in this crystal clear water. We can see bottom in the deepest of holes right now. Use longer and lighter leaders and smaller flies right now for the best action for those big critters. Check out the video for the rest of the details on what to use this week!




Micro Spawn

Glow Yarn Egg

Golden Retriever

Blood worm


Pool Noodle

Worm Farm


High Vis Flying Ant

Parachute Ants

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