Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/27/2023

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 2/27/2023

Brian brings us the forecast this week. Water levels are good from the mountains to the Valley floor right now. The brook trout streams are running at average or just above average flow for this time of year. You should find picture perfect water to fish this week unless we get a dump of rain Thursday and Friday. Little black stones, some quill gordons, and black caddis have been spotted hatching in the mountains. Dry fly fishing has been decent but will improve as temperatures warm up and hatches become more significant. Over the weekend we caught a few more fish on nymphs than dry flies but late afternoon dry fly fishing really picked up nicely. DWR is out stocking our favorite DH and special reg streams. Some of our favorite spots are Back Creek DH, Jackson Special Reg, Bullpasture, Spring Run, North River DH, South River, and Passage. Be sure to have plenty of attractor streamers and nymphs, indicators, and split shot for the stocked waters as we head into the peak spring season. Musky fishing has been good lately but as things warm up these fish will be looking to spawn late March through April depending on water temps. Right now the big females are at max density with egg mass. It is a great time to catch a true monster. We will be back out bass fishing hard once water temps warm up a bit more. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for info and updates from us as we have a fun year planned with great sales and events on the horizon!


Baby Gonga

Bunny Muddler


Mini Dungeon

Near Nuff Sculpin

Mop Flies!!

Pool Noodle

Rubber Leg Crystal Bugger 

Y2K Egg


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