Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 4/18/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 4/18/2022

Brian brings us the fishing forecast for the week ahead from a sleety and snowy Harrisonburg. We went from the upper 70's and 80's to snow and sleet and should see temps pushing 80 again by the weekend. The trout streams will benefit greatly from this recent moisture. The river smallmouth bass were poised and ready to spawn. We found males in areas sweeping nests and females with bellies ready to burst! Reports from the main stem Shenandoah found fish actively paired up on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully eggs didn't drop this weekend as they wil likely be lost as a result of the cold temperatures. We will monitor the progress of the spawn over the next few weeks to keep folks up to date. The brook trout streams should be in excellent shape again later this week and for the upcoming weekend. It will be warm in the next few days and we anticipate seeing some large bugs flying around. Load heavy on bushy attractor dry flies and size 12-14 nymphs right now. The spring creeks have been fishing well. Caddis continue to pop most days. We should see our sulphurs in the evening next week if the warm weather continues. While it is cold and windy out continue to fish those streamers and big nymphs in hopes to stick a big one. The shop has just recently put out 10's of thousands of flies to restock for the next few weeks. Some of the new hot flies are listed below.

Hot New Flies:

Creek Leech

Pink Bead Jig Pheasant Tail

Shagadelic Mop

Cherry Limeade

401K Baetis

Warrior Perdigon

Twisted Worm

Bandito Craw

Retriever Jig


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