Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 1/9/23

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 1/9/23

Brian brings us the forecast this week. We have more sunny weather this week until Thursday when we might see more rain into Friday night. The weekend looks chilly but nice for the VA Fly Fishing Festival. Water levels are solid everywhere right now in the Valley. Brook trout fishing has been good through the recent warm spell. Little black stoneflies, midges, and small caddis are flying around the mountaintop streams but you will likely be more successful using nymphs and small streamers. Keep an eye on the weather as we will have freezing or below freezing weather most nights at higher elevations. The spring creeks have amazing water flow right now. These bright blue sky days could make for some challenging conditions on the creek right now. You can try skating a caddis, fishing a midge dropper off a larger dry, euro nymphing, or streamer fishing sculpin and crayfish patterns deep right now. The best action has been on the overcast and rainy days. Look to Thursday for some better streamer fishing or dry fly action if the blue wing olives come off thick enough. The winter bass fishing has been good. The big winter holes have fish stacked up together so you can have a productive day if you have done your homework and can find the fish. Long standing timber in the dominant ledge pools hold the best fish!! Musky fishing has been pretty good through the full moon cycle early this month. If weather and water conditions stay the same over the next few weeks we can anticipate more of the same action. For those looking to take their game to the next level, learn more about fishing in the Shenandoah Valley, or are just looking to hang out with a bunch of fly bums make plans to come hang out at the VA Fly And Wine Fest in Doswell, VA. We will be there Saturday and Sunday with a massive booth full of new gear and big savings! We hope to see you there!



Bunny Muddler


Slider Bugger

Conehead Sculpin



Micro Spawn

Glow Yarn Egg

Golden Retriever

Blood worm

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