Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 9/18/2023

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 9/18/2023

Andy brings us the forecast this week. Cooler weather is here and it feels great outside right now. Temps will mostly be in the 70's during the day with low's in the low 50's at night. Water levels are still low. We did get a shot of rain over the weekend but it wasn't enough to really bump up flows. Most of the rain fell over in West VA again and many of the drainages just west of the VA line are running big and dirty. We might need to start traveling into WV if we want some diversity in the trout water available to us. Many of the rivers over there just like in southwest VA are in good shape right now. Until we get some rain we will be mostly focused on the spring creeks and tailwaters. Tricos are still hatching and these cooler days may push the spinnerfall later in the morning around 9:30-10am. Hoppers are mature and crickets are coming out. Ants and beetles are also still available to these fish. The few overcast and rainy days we had made for some great streamer fishing. It is looking clear and sunny this week with a possible shot of rain over the weekend. Trout fishing will likely be best early morning and late evening still at lower light levels. Our main focus will continue to be bass for the next few weeks while temps hold and fish remain super active. Cooler nights might slow the bite in the morning hours but you can do well with crayfish and baitfish patterns until the water warms up and the fish start looking up. Cork bugs, hair bugs, and frog patterns will continue to produce while the river is low, clear, and warm. Musky are turning on and water temps are back in the 'safe zone'. The low clear water can make for some exciting sight fishing but these fish are also weary and can more easily spook. Try to downsize your flies and use smaller diameter wire leaders for a more subtle approach. Fishing very early and late and on overcast days will also improve your chances. Carp are still active and will generally feed well until water temps drop into the 40's. Keep an eye out for them browsing along the flats and have a crayfish, damselfly nymph, worm, or other carp pattern ready for them. If you are looking to gear up for an upcoming trip or the fall season now is a great time to visit the shop. Our end of summer sale is massive and we have some great deals on rods, reels, lines, waders, boots, apparel, accessories, and more! New fall apparel and gear is in route to the shop and stay tuned for updates on the online store! 


Galloup Streamers

Sloppy Joe



Triple Double

Mini Drunk And Disorderly

Creek Leech

Umpqua Swimming Frog

Foam Slice Frog

Deer Hair Poppers

Murdich Slider

Murdich Minnow

Murdich Wiggler

Sneaky Pete 

Brammer Seasoned Geezer


Belly Scratcher Minnow

Jiggy Fat Minnow

Rio Soft Chew







Crystal Buggers

Near Nuff Sculpins



Sculpin Snack

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