Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 5/23/2022

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 5/23/2022

Nick brings us the fly fishing forecast this week. We have a lot of good news as the fishing has been epic and this week we look forward to more of the same. Coming off a few days of heat in the 90's this cool down is welcome. Temperatures will be in the mid 60's early this week, into the 70's later in the week, and then in the low 80's with sunshine for the weekend! The bass fishing has been great. That can change this week if a big storm comes and drops significant rain on us. We will be watching the gauges every day and will report updates. The brook trout fishing is in peak right now. We have a lot of insects hatching from little yellow stoneflies to green drakes. You should not have a difficult time finding flies for them to eat off the surface. Big attractor dries in size 12-14 like stimulators, humpy's, wulffs, trudes, elk hair caddis, pmx, and your favorite parachute patterns will work. Nymphs or droppers in size 12-16 like jigged hare's ears, jigged pheasant tails, jigged prince, psycho prince, nitro caddis, twisted worms, and twisted caddis are working. Small streamers like size 10 crystal buggers will move some of the larger brook trout especially in periods of high water. Spring creek anglers are enjoying the trico hatch in the morning. The sulphur hatch has been pretty consistent and the drakes are getting thicker by the day. We caught our first big fish on beetles this week and hoppers have been emerging. Fishing a long 3-4 weight rod with 7x in the morning with you size 18-20 tricos is now in play. You can then put a 4x leader on with a small beetle and and a size 14 nymph dropper through mid-day. If it happens to be overcast or rainy you should be streamer fishing. Then break out the 5x and a size 10 or 12 PMX for the evening hatch. Try a size 16 sulphur comparadun behind your larger dry fly if you are getting refusals. Check out the video for the full report and have the best week!

Hot New Trout Flies:

Gum Dropper Wet Fly

Partridge Soft Hackle

Creek Leech

Pink Bead Jig Pheasant Tail

Shagadelic Mop

Cherry Limeade

401K Baetis

Warrior Perdigon

Twisted Worm

Bandito Craw

Retriever Jig



Best Smallmouth Bass Flies:



Ck Baitfish

Reaper Jig

Murdich Wiggler

Murdich Minnow

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