Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 10/2/2023

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 10/2/2023

Andy brings us the fishing forecast this week. We have beautiful stable weather this week with highs in the upper 70's and low's in the mid 50's. It looks like the cold front next weekend will be pretty significant and may push some our smallmouth into their fall/winter pattern. So enjoy the topwater fishing this week while fish are more active and still spread out. Keep an eye out for musky as you are bass fishing as they have become much more active lately and easy to spot in the low clear conditions right now. Carp have been feeding in the shallows lately too. Big fish mudding and tailing can be caught on crayfish, hellgrammite, damsel, and dragonfly patterns. Worms, eggs, and even the old faithful woolly bugger can get these picky fish to eat and they are a ton of fun. Big largemouth have stacked up on the deep woody structure already. You can find them out browsing for a meal on the warmer afternoons cruising the deeper channels around their sheltering lies. Big clawdads, crayfish patterns, jig patterns, and big baitfish patterns will entice these fish to eat right now. The largest bass won't shy away from a musky fly either! You may need to fish flies much larger than you are used to throwing if you want a shot at a true giant. Trout fishing hasn't changed much the past few months other than some of the insects available. Water levels are still very low regionally. You can find more water in West VA right now. The SNP is still closed to fishing, Beaver Creek and Susie Q are still closed. Mossy Creek is open and fishing well. Tricos are still hatching in the mornings and there are some BWO's in the afternoon and evening hours. Hoppers, crickets, beetles and ants will be on the menu until we get our first few frosts and that will take out a bunch of them. Anglers have been having luck on the giant ground beetle, black morrish hoppers, hamburglar beetle, and small droppers. Near Nuff sculpins, and a variety of jig sculpin and leeches are also working well. It looks like overcast weather will move in Thursday night and Friday that might bring about some good streamer fishing on the trout streams. Check out the full video for all the details. Stop in the shop and take advantage of our big End Of Summer Sale going on right now. We have some amazing savings on rods, reels, lines, accessories, packs, bags, waders, boots, and apparel!  New fall gear has also been pouring in. Now is a great time to gear up for the cold season ahead.


Galloup Streamers

Sloppy Joe



Triple Double

Mini Drunk And Disorderly

Creek Leech

Umpqua Swimming Frog

Foam Slice Frog

Deer Hair Poppers

Murdich Slider

Murdich Minnow

Murdich Wiggler

Sneaky Pete 

Brammer Seasoned Geezer


Belly Scratcher Minnow

Jiggy Fat Minnow

Rio Soft Chew







Crystal Buggers

Near Nuff Sculpins



Sculpin Snack

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