Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 1/29/2024

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Forecast 1/29/2024

Brian brings us the forecast this week. While we saw mild temperature and very little rain at the beginning of last week, it all caught up to us this weekend. Many areas saw upwards of 2" of rain Saturday night and the streams are showing it. It will most likely be about another week before the big rivers are back to a fishable level, however, our small streams and spring creeks will be in good shape and continue to improve throughout the week. The state was out stocking this week and many of our local streams like Dry River and North River have been stocked. If you love fishing big streamers and heavy leaders, this is the week for you. Keep in mind that weighting your flies and getting to the strike zone is particularly important in these conditions. Check out this week's forecast for more techniques and tips for getting your fly down in high water.



Split Shot 

Jigged Hot Head Pheasant 


Shagadellic Mop

Jiggy Pat 


Baby Goga

Galloup's Monkey

Galloup's Dungeon

Lead Eye Bugger


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