Mayer's Mini Leech

Mayer's Mini Leech

Wayne Paxton spins up Landon Mayer's popular mini leech pattern. This fly can be tied in a variety of colors. Popular versions are tied in black, olive, rusty brown, and white. You can get creative with no bead, glass beads, brass or tungsten and you can try them on jig hooks as well. This slim unobtrusive pattern is great for stillwater fish, spring creek fish, and tailwater fish.


HOOK: Umpqua X Series XC290BL

THREAD: UTC 140 (black)

BEAD: Tungsten Black Nickel (7/64")

TAIL: Pine Squirrel Zonker (black)

BODY: Kreinik Flash (black), Ostrich Herl (black)


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  • Colby Trow