Copper John Jigged Stone

Copper John Jigged Stone

Andy Slawson spins up a great winter pattern. This variation of a copper john in all black represents the little black stones that are available to fish throughout the winter season. Tied on a jig hook you can get the fly deep in the water column and help keep from getting it hung up. The life flex legs really give this fly added movement to trigger those strikes.


HOOK: Umpqua X Series 400BL Super Jig (size 10)

THREAD: UTC 140 (black)

BEAD: Fulling Mill Slotted Tungsten Matte Black Bead (5/32")

TAIL: Turkey Biots (black)

BODY: Ultra Wire Medium (black), UV Ice Dubbing (black)

WING CASE: Thin Skin (black)

LEGS: Life Flex (black) 


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  • Colby Trow