Kreelex Changer Fly

Kreelex Changer Fly

The Kreelex has become recognized all over the world as a fish catching machine. Chuck Kraft dreamt up the pattern 1 night before leaving for Chile to guide for the winter. It crushed fish in every river system he fished down south. He then fished the pattern in the Jackson Hole 1 Fly tournament for years posting some impressive numbers. Our crew has been fishing this fly in the mid Atlantic and out west for decades with amazing success. Since the dawning of the game changer flies we have been working to perfect a brush of Kreinik flash material to build the perfect flashy swimming minnow. Behold the Kreelex changer! This fly can be tied small for trout, in medium sizes for bass, redfish, and other saltwater fish, or in giant sizes for pike and musky. Andy has this pattern very well dialed in and shares us the technique to build the perfect Kreelex Changer fly. Thanks to Chuck Kraft and Blane Chocklett for their creativity and allowing this pattern to come to life!


Hooks- Gamakatsu SC15 and SL45 

Tungsten Conehead- Large Gold 

Thread: UTC 140 White 

Shank: Next Generation Shank 15mm 

Flash: Kreinik Flash Gold

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  • Colby Trow