Barr's Slump Buster

Barr's Slump Buster

Wayne Paxton ties up Barr's Slump Buster. This fly is an important fly for all of our guides. It is a great sculpin or small baitfish imitation. It is tied very heavy and the weighted forward keel gives it a jigging motion when retrieved. The materials are thin and sparse allowing it to really get deep when needed. A great fly for heavy current or fishing deep water. It is a quick, simple fly with just a few materials. 


HOOK: Mustad Signature Series R74-9672 (size 6)

THREAD: UTC 140 (black)

WEIGHT: Lead Wire (.025)

CONE: Conehead Brass Gold (medium)

TAIL: Pine Squirrel Zonker (olive)

BODY: Sparkle Braid (peacock), Ultra Wire Brassie (gold)

COLLAR: Pine Squirrel Zonker


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  • Colby Trow