Parachute Caddis

Parachute Caddis

 Andy Slawson spins up a parachute caddis fly. This patterns floats flat on the surface like a real caddis giving it an edge over more traditional and heavily hackled caddis patterns. This one will skate easily when needed but can also ride through some heavy current and chop. A simple tie that is critical to your trout box anywhere you fish in the world.


HOOK: TMC 100 (size 12)

THREAD: Veevus 8/0 (brown)

WING: Short Fine Deer Hair

BODY: Pheasant Tail (bleached ginger), UTC Ultra Wire XS (gold)

THORAX: Superfine Dry Fly Dubbing (dark tan)

POST: Para Post (orange)

HACKLE: Dry Fly Hackle (grizzly)


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  • Colby Trow