Jig CK Nymph

Jig CK Nymph

Colby Trow ties up Chuck Krafts timeless classic the CK Nymph. It is still effective today as when it first hit the water. This simple tie works well in any size and color combination. Our guides love this on jig hooks and also color them up a bit. That said a standard size 14 black CK nymph is one of our go-to #1 patterns for brook trout. The caddis green color yarn matches our local caddis worms perfectly. Have fun with this timeless classic!


HOOK: Umpqua X-Series XC400BL (10)

BEAD: Fulling Mill Slotted Tungsten Bead (matte black 5/32")

THREAD: Veevus 6/0 (yellow)

BODY: Aunt Lydia's Sparkle Yarn, Trimmed Hackle, Monofil

TAIL: Woodduck or Mallard dyed Woodduck or Hackle Fibers

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