Curly Tail Jig

Curly Tail Jig

Colby Trow ties up a Curly Tail Jig pattern. Originally designed and inspired by Chuck Kraft. An effective fly for bass, stripers, trout, specks, and more! Chuck designed these curly tails to really move well but also hold up to serious abuse. This is a great fly to fish when you need to cover a lot of water. Fast strips and jigs can trigger aggressive strikes with this fly. Also effectively swung through the current. Tie them up in various sizes, weights, and colors. Add rubber legs, skirts, hotspots!


HOOK: Umpqua X-Series XS506 Jig Hook

CONEHEAD: Brass Conehead (nickel)

WEIGHT: .025 Lead Wire

THREAD: Danville's Flat Waxed Nylon (white)

BODY: Rayon Chenille (white), Leech Yarn (white)

TAIL: CK Curly Tail (white)


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