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New Shop Update

Shop 1

Demolition is underway and we couldn’t be more excited! Old radiators, clawfoot bathtubs, and century old chunks of wood have been flying from the windows of our new headquarters here in Harrisonburg. This is just a minor step in what is to come and as we are finding out this entire process is going to take some time. Layout of the entire store is going to be set in the next 2 weeks and once our final building permits are obtained in early December we will be building out our addition, the storefront, and implementing a whole bunch of customized fixtures. This will be a fun and creative time for our shop staff as we construct our new permanent home.

So when will be we open in the new location? This is a question we are getting all day every day and we can’t thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm! The answer right now is, who knows? We will hopefully know more next week once our parking lot and sidewalk designs get approved…or denied. The parking lot and sidewalk debacle has been ongoing for over a month now and it is a complicated process. If approved the project may be completed before asphalt companies close for the winter.  Mossy Creek is looking forward to working hard in cooperation with the fly fishing industries best retail and merchandising planners and designers to establish the most innovative shop to land in the mid atlantic!

Custom cash wrap in the final stages of construction for the new fly shop!