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Upcoming Events Spring 2018

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 The 2018 spring season is at our doorstep along with some awesome events. Check out the lineup over the next month and prepare yourself for a wild ride and the best of times! 

Iron Fly Harrisonburg- Friday, February 23rd at 3 Notch’d Brewery 6pm-??? Hosted by Pigfarm Ink and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing with special guest and master of ceremonies, Jay Johnson! This is an event for anyone whether you tie flies or not. Come watch or compete as your skills are put to the test in an “Iron Chef” style tying party. We are accumulating a mountain of great prizes for the winners. This is a community event that should be a great time. There is no cost to attend and we are raising funds for our local Trout Unlimited Chapter. Helps us spread the word and come join in the fun! Check out the event details and share here-  https://www.facebook.com/events/1765240900163648/

The Fly Fishing Show Lancaster- Saturday and Sunday, March 3-4. The Fly Fishing Show is the largest consumer fly fishing show in the world. Attendance has been at an all time high this year and the Lancaster show has sold out floor space. This venue is by far one of our favorites. It is located in the Marriott conference center attached to a great restaurant and the hotel. We will be holding presentations Saturday and Sunday and will have our big booth display with great new 2018 product as well as discount deals on closeout items. For show information click here- http://flyfishingshow.com/lancaster-pa/

Legends of the Fly Virginia Beach-Saturday, March 10th Doors open at 4pm. LOF will again feature the F3T Film Tour and some of the best saltwater and freshwater fly fishing talent VA has to offer!  The Legend forum will be hosted by Captain Chris Newsome of Bay Fly Fishing and Colby Trow of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. This is always a great event and this years proceeds will benefit Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Lynnhaven River Now, The Elizabeth River Project, and the Navy Seal Foundation.  Save the date and see you there! To make your plans click here- https://www.legendsofthefly.com/lof18/

Mossy Creek Open House with Tom Rosenbauer- Saturday, March 24. Come join us as we celebrate our 15th anniversary. We are excited for Tom Rosenbauer to host this party. Tom brought in one of the biggest crowds we have seen about 10 years ago. His presentations are some of the best you will see. Doors open at 9am at the fly shop. We will have presentations, demos, sale specials, our famous BBQ lunch, and the big open house raffle. We will provide more details as we get closer. This spring kickoff party will be legendary! For more information on our event and Tom Rosenbauer, click here- http://mossycreekflyfishing.com/2018/01/19/rosenbauer-returns-mossy-creek-spring-open-house-2018/

F3T Film Tour 2018 Harrisonburg- Court Square Theater, Saturday, March 24 doors open at 6:00pm. The original and preeminent exhibition of fly fishing cinema, The F3T is a one of a kind experience. Each year fishy folk of all ages gather in big cities and small towns alike to soak up films from around the world, spin a few yarns amongst friends and dream about casts yet unmade. In our 12th annual lap around the globe, the 2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour will make its way to theaters in more than 175 cities in eight countries.How are the films this year? Good question. They’re on fire! Wait. No… they’re… on fleek? No, that’s not it either. This year’s lineup of films… would blow the doors off a ’78 Buick. With an emphasis on the stories, characters and fisheries that help make up the vast world of fly fishing, the 2018 F3T will take you from Michigan to Honduras, from Wyoming to Greenland, from the mind of child to the heart of a musician, from the edge of your seat to the end of the earth and back! Proceeds for this years Harrisonburg F3T will benefit Massanutten Trout Unlimited. Grab your tickets in the shop or online here- https://events.ticketprinting.com/event/Harrisonburg-Va-27084