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Help Mossy Creek #kicktheplastic


Mossy Creek is proud to spearhead an industry wide initiative to help #kicktheplastic by eliminating a major source of unnecessary plastic! For nearly 14 years we have been looking at solutions to selling flies. We have been through plastic cups, containers, and boxes. These boxes are not only expensive, but they are also a detriment to our environment. After analyzing numbers- not just the thousands of dollars we spent annually on ‘giveaway’ containers for flies, but also the environmental impact of over 10,000 plastic bags, boxes, and fly cups, we decided immediate action was necessary. After nearly a year of investigating options, we finally found a preliminary solution. These new cardboard paper boxes will not only save fly shops a lot of money, but it is going to reduce an insane amount of waste. This initiative has been adopted by the American Fly Fishing Trade Association- AFFTA. Manufacturers are helping by trying to take this initiative to the next level by trying to find or even produce post consumer recycled boxes that would be suitable containers for fly sales. As we continue to extrapolate data, we estimate that a minimum of over 2 million plastic containers are used in fly sale transactions annually but anticipate this number to actually be over 4 million PLUS! This is an exciting project we are proud to introduce to the fly fishing world and we look forward to keeping everyone informed on the progress. Dozens of fly shops across the country have already joined the campaign and are in the process of recycling old plastic containers and switching to these paper boxes!

Paper boxes stocked and in action at Mossy Creek! It is great knowing we will keep thousands of boxes from entering landfills or ending up stream-side on our favorite local creeks.