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Tidewater Film


We are excited to announce the release of the trailer video for the film Tidewater. This film comes on the heels of our award winning Virginia freshwater based film Blood Knot and showcases yet another incredible opportunity for Virginia anglers. This film was accepted into the F3T Film Tour for 2016!

The Film Website can be found here- http://www.tidewater-film.com Be sure to check out the photo gallery!

Film Synopsis:

Three years ago, adrenaline junkie Art Webb barely escaped a rock climbing fall with his life. During his recovery, Art found a substitute thrill: pursing marlin and other billfish with a fly rod off the coast from his home town, Virginia Beach. As Art began to tell his friends about his experiences offshore, two fellow fishing fanatics, Brian and Colby Trow, could not resist. This is a story of these three anglers on a fly fishing adventure to catch marlin in their backyard waters of Virginia.

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