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Private Water

Privacy, solitude and picturesque settings are important elements for most anglers when they fish. We are proud to provide those elements and more on the water we manage. Our managed properties are catch and release, fly fishing only. All trips are booked through our shop to manage the amount of fishing pressure and ensure a quality experience.

We work with local landowners to improve water, help the farmers, and in return we are allowed to bring small supervised groups of fisherman to these great streams. As stewards of our local waters we strongly believe in helping open water to the public where and when we can. The reality is for many of these small farms public access is not an option.

Most of our streams are accessible only through our guide services, however, Susie Q Farm is currently available for anglers to reserve to fish without a guide.

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing has never privatized water that was once open to the public and never will.