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Virginia Fly Fishing Report 7/1/2020

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Shenandoah Valley Virginia Fly Fishing Report and News From Mossy Creek Fly Shop.

The James and Shenandoah Rivers

It’s Summer Float Season! The Shenandoah and James are dropping and clearing up nicely. Be safe this holiday weekend.

The largemouth have completed spawn and have been moved to their favorite summer structure. Look for them on large woody deadfalls and bit root systems along the shady banks!

The post spawn lag and cold fronts of June are now behind us and it is looking and feeling more like summer out there! Temps will stabilize in the upper 80’s during the day with lows around 67 degrees. We anticipate a spike in water temps. This means we will be giving up on musky for the time being and looking forward to the topwater smallmouth bite. Some of the biggest fish of the year will be taken on topwater bugs now through September. Clawdads and crittermites in size 4 have been important for us over the past month. Large crayfish patterns in size 2 or larger will be key for giant largemouth bass around the big wood piles. Size 6 crayfish will be key for those looking to pad numbers of smallmouth along with the opportunity to catch a carp. Anglers should start to target the shade lines of the hottest days. Swimming frogs and baitfish will be fun to fish along the banks and water willow. Wiggle minnows and murdich wigglers will produce along the deep mid river ledges.

Stable weather means stable fishing this time of year. Just watch out for afternoon thunderstorms!

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Want to take your smallmouth game to the next level? Colby has completed a facebook live session with Tom Rosenbauer discussing smallmouth bass fishing and focused on fishing this time of year and the appropriate flies to have in your stash. See the entire interview by clicking this link- https://www.facebook.com/orvisflyfishing/videos/252577742558343/ !

July is fully booked for float trips. We do have a waitlist available for anyone that wants first dibs on a last minute opening. Reservations continue to fly in and requests are at an all time high. August and September will likely book up faster than normal.  Please call 540-434-2444 or email store@mossycreekflyfishing.com to reserve your day. We apologize if it has been difficult to get through on the phone during normal store hours. Our phone has been ringing non-stop lately with the surge of anglers, orders, and deliveries.

Axel got to witness first hand some sight fishing for largemouth lately.

The smaller smallmouth are stacked in the riffles and wave trains and crushing anything that passes by.

Drop a crayfish pattern alongside a piece of timber, let it sit, watch the bass track, tip, and suck it in!

Fishing is one of the hottest trends in pandemic activities. Time to get your kids out on the water!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

Laurel Fork brookie

Not much has changed up in the mountains since our last report. Rain last week has replenished water flows. Creeks and streams are flowing at or just slightly above average in most of our area right now. Afternoon thunderstorms could keep streams in good shape for a while but we typically see the mountain streams starting to get marginal sometime in July. Fishing quality is fully dependent on water flow. Good water flow=good fishing, low water = marginal fishing, super low water = don’t bother. We have enough water to last a few weeks but we anticipate the hot weather will bring about some afternoon showers to keep most of our creeks flowing. Load up on ants, beetles, and little yellow stones!

The Shenandoah National Park is FULLY open along with boundary access. You need to read the details on the SNP website for updates, trail closures, and access information. https://www.nps.gov/shen/phase-two.htm  Reports have been awesome from anglers getting back to fishing the SNP streams. Little yellow stones are coming off and fish are tuning into anything yellow or light in color. Yellow Humpies, headlight sally’s, stimulators, mini hots, and pmx in yellow or lime are crushing fish.

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Humpies, Royal Wulffs, Stimulators, Cahills, Headlight Sally, Clown Shoe Sally, Elk Hair Caddis, and Mr. Rapidans are great choices. These are easy for syou to see and will also float a nymph fished as a dropper. Jig nymphs in size 12-14 like Jigged Hare’s Ears, Prince, and Pheasant Tails are great choices to get your fly deep without snagging bottom. Attractor nymphs like Nitro’s, Psycho Prince, Copper Johns, and CK nymphs are a must in everyones boxes right now. We have 10’s of thousands of flies showing up now every 2 weeks to meet demand of peak season. We are delivering and arranging pickup all day every day. We are happy to create assortments as well. Just give us a budget and we will shop our favorites for you. Enjoy the peak season up in the mountains! It doesn’t get much better than it has been.

Laurel Fork was in awesome shape on our last visit.

Get Geared Up

Spring Creeks

FULL ALERT! Beetle season is in effect! We just had our first day slaying fish on beetles all day!

Reports continue to be solid from Mossy, Beaver, Smith, and Buffalo. Japanese beetles are now out in full force and covering vegetation along the banks. Fish on the spring creeks are starting to really key in on these bugs. We had our first really good day catching fish blind casting beetles today. This trend should continue. Juvenile hoppers are also out in full force everywhere. It is looking like we will have a banner summer fishing big bugs! Trico swarms continue to get thicker as the weather stabilizes. We anticipate these warm nights producing some pretty major early morning hatches. Beaver Creek continues to be popular and permits are still hard to get unless you go early. Susie Q Farm now has some openings as the hot summer weather has some anglers heading out west or hanging their gear up for the season. Susie Q is full of cold water and full of fish! Hopper dropper rigs will be in play the rest of the summer during the afternoon hours. Look for rising fish in the early morning hours taking advantage of tricos. Our evening hatches are slowing down but you will find the occasional drake, sulphur, or bwo hatch.

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The hot flies have been- Complex Twist Buggers, Bunny Muddlers, Sculpinators, Conehead sculpins, Crystal Buggers, Kreelex, Baby Gongas, Triple Doubles, and Lead Eye Buggers. If you have questions on how we are hosting our guided trips we would be happy to discuss. Reserve your time on the spring creeks by giving us a call 540-434-2444 or email store@mossycreekflyfishing.com

It can be HOT on the spring creeks right now but so can the action when the conditions are right.

Time to load up on hopper patterns! Juveniles are gorging on stream side vegetation.

Big browns have been bringing big smiles.

Know someone that wants to learn to fly fish? We have the largest and most active school in Virginia. Our Orvis school dates for the fall are filling up fast!

Managed Trout Water

Water flow is still strong and flowing cold on our larger delayed harvest and special reg streams.

VDGIF is no longer stocking their managed trout waters. The larger drainages like the Jackson, Back Creek, Bullpasture, Cowpasture, and North River will continue to fish well for another few weeks. These streams will likely start to become marginal by mid July through August. West VA has some great streams that are fishing well right now like the South Branch and North Branch of the Potomac and the Elk. Give those a try for some early summer action or hit the warmwater streams for peak summer fishing!