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Virginia Fly Fishing Report 6/5/2020


Shenandoah Valley Virginia Fly Fishing Report and News From Mossy Creek Fly Shop.

The James and Shenandoah Rivers

It has been necessary to fish big water this spring but it has been paying off.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that mother nature allows us to continue to fish the Shenandoah and the James. The fishing has been incredible.

The James and Shenandoah are still running full but are clear and fishing well. Afternoon thunderstorms are now in the mix for the next few days so it is important to watch radars and the USGS gauges to be informed on river conditions. Water temps are now in the 70’s on the Shenandoah and James and the fish are firing up. Fish in 4′ of water or less are chasing down CK baitfish, Murdich Wigglers, Clousers, and half and half flies. The deeper banks and ledges and current seams with heavy current require heavier flies. Clawdads and Crittermites reign supreme in these areas. The topwater bite will continue to improve on the Shenandoah. There were plenty of fish chasing shoals of minnows and crashing bait on the surface on the James this week. Topwater minnow patterns, Todd’s Wiggle Minnows, Murdich Sliders, and Umpqua Swimming Baitfish are perfect for this and a ton of fun to fish. We have all of the poppers and sliders you need as well. It is float season! Be safe and get out and enjoy the start of the warmwater season. We are here to ensure you are outfitted properly. From rods and reels to lines and leaders our team of bass fishing experts can help ensure your success on the water!

Want to take your smallmouth game to the next level? Colby has completed a facebook live session with Tom Rosenbauer discussing smallmouth bass fishing and focused on fishing this time of year and the appropriate flies to have in your stash. See the entire interview by clicking this link- https://www.facebook.com/orvisflyfishing/videos/252577742558343/ ! The most crucial flies for this time of year are the Clawdad, CK Baitfish, Crittermite, Clouser, Half and Half, Dragon Tail, Wiggler, Nutcracker, and Swinging D.

WE ARE OPEN AND CURRENTLY BOOKING TRIPS FOR THE 2020 SUMMER SEASON!  Please call 540-434-2444 or email store@mossycreekflyfishing.com to reserve your day. We apologize if it has been difficult to get through on the phone during normal store hours. Our phone has been ringing non-stop lately with the surge of anglers, orders, and deliveries.

Jeremy with his personal best fish kicked off our day! Should have seen the one we lost boatside….It made this 21″ fish look tiny…..

Sometimes the guy in the rowing seat gets a few minutes to catch a good one.

Awesome color on this smallmouth. We typically find these light colored fish on sandy shoals in the summer looking for bugs. This one came out from a big root system.

Oh hey its Jess again with another great James River bass.

Stained water can be your friend and give you access to some of the largest and spookiest bass. We take your time on the water seriously. Book a trip with our smallmouth experts!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

The green drakes are here! Dry River has been seeing some large hatches in the evening hours. Give it a try while water flows and the hatches are strong!

Virginia’s Dry River. One of the largest and the most densely populated wild brook trout fishery in the mid-Atlantic! Come check out this amazing fishery while we have perfect water flows.

The Shenandoah National Park is open along Skyline Drive. You need to read the details on the SNP website for updates, trail closures, and access information.

Since our last report the green drake hatch has begun to peak. Bugs should be available for about another week. After that little yellow stoneflies and terrestrial insects will start to become the most popular bugs for brook trout. Reports from Dry River, Ramsey’s Draft, and North River above Elkhorn have been excellent this past week. The SNP streams are fishing well and water levels are excellent everywhere. Afternoon thunderstorms will hopefully keep things flowing well for the next few weeks. Typically our brook trout fishing starts to become marginal in late June so take advantage of the excellent conditions while they last!

Humpies, Royal Wulffs, Stimulators, Cahills, Headlight Sally, Clown Shoe Sally, Elk Hair Caddis, and Mr. Rapidans are great choices. These are easy for you to see and will also float a nymph fished as a dropper. Jig nymphs in size 12-14 like Jigged Hare’s Ears, Prince, and Pheasant Tails are great choices to get your fly deep without snagging bottom. Attractor nymphs like Nitro’s, Psycho Prince, Copper Johns, and CK nymphs are a must in everyones boxes right now. We have 10’s of thousands of flies showing up now every 2 weeks to meet demand of peak season. We are delivering and arranging pickup all day every day. We are happy to create assortments as well. Just give us a budget and we will shop our favorites for you. Enjoy the peak season up in the mountains! It doesn’t get much better than it has been.

If you want to experience the green drake hatch you must be willing to stay late.

Get Geared Up

Spring Creeks

Our spring creeks are running full of water and the insect hatches continue to get thicker.

The fishing could not get much better on Smith Creek, Mossy Creek, and Beaver Creek. Water levels are perfect and they are running clear providing for good dry fly fishing. Trico clouds are starting up and will get thicker by the day. Sulphurs, drakes, and blue winged olives are around every evening. Ants, beetles, and juvenile hoppers will become more readily available to fish over the next few weeks. Tricos generally emerge at dawn and there will be spinner fall around 8am this time of year. Drakes and sulphurs will emerge throughout the day but the spinner fall will occur at dusk. Beat the heat and target these low light and cooler times of day and maximize your fishing time!

The hot flies have been- Complex Twist Buggers, Bunny Muddlers, Sculpinators, Conehead sculpins, Crystal Buggers, Kreelex, Baby Gongas, Triple Doubles, and Lead Eye Buggers. Traffic has been busy at Mossy Creek lately. Please respect the landowners and parking areas. If the lots are full, please find another area to fish. We would hate for these areas to close down from overcrowding. Beaver Creek is still open to fishing. Susie Q is fishing amazingly well. There are some open days left in May as schedules continue to change daily.

We are still guiding wade trips on our local spring creeks. We are meeting clients at the water and maintaining a ‘rods length’ distance minimum all day. If you have questions on how we are hosting our guided trips we would be happy to discuss. Reserve your time on the spring creeks by giving us a call 540-434-2444 or email store@mossycreekflyfishing.com

Beaver Creek is giving up plenty of rainbows and brookies right now.

Look for green and yellow drakes on the spring creeks the last hour of daylight.

Saying goodbye to a very large Mossy Creek brown trout.

Looking forward to the upcoming terrestrial fishing season.

Our buddy Mike continues to find the big ones out on the spring creeks. What a stunning specimen.

Managed Trout Water

June brings about the end of trout stocking season on our local rivers and streams. Find some wild trout water or enjoy the endless warmwater and saltwater options VA has to offer!

Water levels are back down to fishable levels all over the commonwealth but still running at or above average flow. You can fish larger attractor dries, nymphs, and streamers this week with the bigger water flows. Load up on split shot and big indicators as well. VDGIF is no longer posting stocking reports. We can tell you that North River, South River, Bullpasture, Jackson Tailwater, and Back Creek DH are all fishing well right now. Many reservoirs are also loaded and fishing well.