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Cramer on Casting – Wrap up


Mossy Creek guide, Bob Cramer, continues his series of casting tips.

I have been fly fishing for 50 years. I spent a lot of years figuring things out on my own. There weren’t any schools or instructors and very few people around that fished with flies. As a kid, I picked up pop bottles to have money to buy flies.

Now, I’m willing to spend my money when I go somewhere I haven’t been before to try to guarantee success. I never set out with the idea of being a guide or instructor. I kinda got nudged in that direction because I like to share my experience with others and enjoy teaching.

Everything we have covered, up to this point is to accomplish one goal. Delivering the fly to the fish. Kinda crazy huh! Seems pretty complicated just to try to catch a fish doesn’t it?

You know, really you can make fly fishing as complicated as you want or you can keep it as simple as you want. You can take advantage of huge technological advances in the equipment or pursue the traditional aspect of the sport. You can tie your own flies and make your own rods if you want.

You can have a goal of being able to catch a permit at some exotic location on a Caribbean island flat or you might be happy catching bluegills with a Tenkara rod in your farm pond. You might be disappointed if you don’t catch a bunch of fish every time you go or you might be thrilled that you caught one. You can fish with a bunch of buddies or you can enjoy the solitude of fishing alone.

One of the great aspects of the sport is we are all on our own journey. You don’t have to be an athlete to do it and you do it in beautiful outdoor places. The only limits are the one we put on ourselves.