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Cramer on Casting – Releasing line


Mossy Creek guide, Bob Cramer, continues his series of casting tips.

You can release line on both ends of the cast. Normally you will only release a foot or two of line at a time. As you become a better caster you will learn to release more.

When I start a cast I usually pull enough line off the reel to reach the intended target. A lot of the time I will pull the leader and 8 or 10 feet of line out of the rod tip. I hold the line firmly between my thumb and forefinger of my line hand and begin false casting. Each time I stop the rod I let line slip out between my fingers. Then, when I start moving (loading) the rod in the opposite direction, I clamp back down on the line. This takes a little practice when you are starting out. Remember, you need to hold the line tight when you are moving the rod or it will not load and cast the line.

As you work out line false casting serves two basic purposes. First, to get the correct amount of line out to reach your target and second, to see where your loop is turning over so you can direct your cast to your target.

I really try to minimize the number of false casts I make for a simple reason. My fly isn’t catching any fish when it’s in the air. If two guys go fishing and one guy averages 3 false cast for each time the fly is presented and the other guy averages 6 false cast for each presentation, the first guy has twice the chance to catch fish.

Work on getting the line out quickly but remember, you have to stop the rod on each end of the cast. That is when you let the line slip.