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Cramer on Casting – Watching your line


Mossy Creek guide, Bob Cramer, continues his series of casting tips.

One of the requirements of learning to cast is getting the loop turned over in the air in each direction during the cast. One of the easy ways to do this for beginners is to watch the line. Many instructors, myself included, will tell you to do this as a beginner. When the loop turns over, it’s time to go in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately beginners tend to form a really bad habit of continuing to watch their back cast, which destroys accuracy. It’s pretty hard to concentrate on where you want the fly to go if you are watching your line. It’s kind of like watching the head of the golf club during the swing instead of concentrating on the golf ball.

Here is a simple solution. Begin your false cast and once you have a rhythm going, close your eyes. Continue false casting. Try to keep the same rhythm of moving the rod. When the line turns over you will feel a very slight tug on the rod tip. This is telling you the line has turned over and it’s time to go in the opposite direction.

It’s uncanny how many times most casters will make their prettiest cast when they have their eyes closed. Closing your eyes forces you to feel the cast. It also trains you not to be dependent on watching the line. Learning good timing and “to feel” the cast will positively help you cross another bridge to becoming a better caster.