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Cramer on Casting – Minimizing rod movement


Mossy Creek guide, Bob Cramer, continues his series of casting tips.

Would you believe I could cast 50 feet of line by only moving my hand 6 inches? Would you believe I know a guy that has no use of his arms and can cast a fly 40 feet by twisting his body?

Typically one of the first problems I see with anglers when I work with them casting is the majority move the rod tip way to far. I see many people that move the rod tip six, eight, even 10 feet to make a 20 foot cast. All that gets you is an open loop and zero accuracy.

Lets use a little analogy here. If you are throwing darts at a dartboard and rear back, move your throwing hand a couple of feet and release the dart, there are infinite places where you could release the dart, right? That creates a lot of room for errors. If, on the other hand, you hold the dart in front of your face, move your hand 6 inches and release the dart, the room for error is greatly reduced.

The same thing applies to your cast. The further you have to move the rod, the more accuracy you lose. Personally, I make a lot of my casts, especially in tight, small stream situations only moving the rod tip 18 inches or less.