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The Fly Fishing Show

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Does cabin fever have you down during this horrendously cold spell? You may find the cure by checking out the fly fishing show! The Furminsky family puts on a world class show featuring nothing but fly fishing exhibitors, fly tiers, and presentations. Exhibitors account for a bulk of the show and cover everything from name brand manufacturer’s to local fly shops, lodges, and guide services. The fly tying lineup is made up of some of the best tiers in the world! You also have a chance to meet the celebrities in the fly fishing world like Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Joe Humphries, and more. Come check out all the new flies, gadgets, rods and reels and watch the IF4 Film Festival in the evening to get pumped up for warm weather and shake off those winter blues! If you haven’t been to The Fly Fishing Show this year, you have 1 last chance! Come check out the Mossy Creek Fly Fishing booth and everything else the show has to offer this coming weekend, February 28th and March 1st in Lancaster, PA. Details of the show are below. We hope to see you there!


Admission Info

 Cash only at the gate

Purchase advance tickets HERE

One day $15
Two-day pass $25

Children under 5 free, under 12: $2

Scouts under 16 in uniform: free

Active Military: $10

Show Hours

Saturday:  9am – 5:30pm

Sunday:   9am – 4:30pm


BACK AGAIN: The International Fly Fishing Film Festival. One night only, Saturday, February 28 at 6:30pm.  $15; $10 in advance.

Purchase IF4 Film Festival tickets here.

Learning Center

The International Federation of Fly Fishers is pleased to offer FREE fly fishing instruction at the IFFF Learning Center located at the IFFF booth.  Basic fly casting- fly tying- knot tying will be taught throughout the day-every day of the Fly Fishing Show.


Regardless of the weather, the show will go on!