St. Mary's River

The St. Mary's wilderness area encompasses 10,090 acres of incredible mountain terrain. The special regulation section includes all portions of the St. Mary's River above the gate at the National Forest boundary. It is a fairly high gradient stream with a number of waterfalls cascading through a very scenic canyon. Although water levels can get quite low along lower reaches, flows are much improved upstream and large, deep pools provide ample trout habitat. Adult brook trout average 8-12 inches in length. In the spring of 1999, the U.S. Forest Service, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Game, Trout Unlimited, and other private organizations limed St. Mary's River to improve water quality. This effort proved to be very successful at restoring the native brook trout population as well as populations of non-game fish species and invertebrates. Trout populations have been thriving and this stream should be on every brook trout fisherman's list to fish. The stream lies east of Raphine off Route 608, a short distance from I-81. Most of the area is accessible by foot trail only and backpacking is popular.

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