South River Delayed Harvest

The delayed harvest section of South River extends from the Second Street bridge in Waynesboro at North Park upstream 2.4 miles to the base of Rife Loth Dam. This stretch runs through the City of Waynesboro and is in an urban setting. Don't let the lights from the city discourage you from fishing this water. The water flowing through town holds some excellent trout habitat. South River is a relatively large, wide stream with shallow runs and riffles and a few very deep pools. The VDGIF has done many stream improvements implementing J-hooks and bank stabilization work to improve habitat. The stream provides outstanding fly fishing opportunities because of its size and its abundance of aquatic insects. The stream is open to fishing year-round and provides excellent winter fly fishing. Where else can you catch fish all morning and then grab a cup of hot coffee to warm up across the street? Many of the browns and rainbows stocked by the VDGIF hold over every year and some fish grow large. It is not uncommon to see an 18" brown sipping mayflies or caddis in the springtime. The Delayed Harvest area of South River boasts one of the biggest trico hatches we have seen in Virginia. This phenomenal hatch usually starts in late May and continues through the summer. Many anglers take advantage of this stream do to its close proximity to Interstate 64. South River at Constitution Park is the site of the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival each year in mid April.

Directions From Mossy Creek Fly Fishing
- Take 33 West to I-81.
- Take I-81 South to I-64 junction in Staunton. -Take I-64 East to Exit 96(Waynesboro/Lyndhurst).
- Take a left off the exit ramp and head towards Waynesboro.
- Take a left at the first traffic signal onto Main Street(Rt. 250).
- Parking is available on either side of Main Street at Constitution Park once you cross the bridge over South River.

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