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Virginia Fly Fishing Streams

Virginia has a lot to offer any fly fisherman. Within a 3-hour drive from the shop anglers can enjoy mountain brook trout, spring creek browns, tailwater rainbows, world-class smallmouth bass, musky, carp, and even stripers and bluefish in the Chesapeake Bay. In the mountains surrounding the Shenandoah Valley you will find over 2,350 miles of wild trout water with nearly 600 miles of stocked waters. We are bordered by the George Washington National Forest to our west and the Shenandoah National Park to the east.  Virginia currently boasts more public brook trout water than most of the mid Atlantic States combined!

The central Shenandoah Valley holds a number of spring creeks including Mossy Creek, Beaver Creek, South River, North River and Smith Creek. An abundance of aquatic insects thrive in these cold, limestone-rich waters. The hatches are reliable and the browns and rainbows grow large. The Shenandoah and James Rivers are famous for world class smallmouth bass. Summer time fly fishing can produce true trophy smallmouth over 20″ on topwater bugs. Good populations of Musky and carp thrive in both of these rivers for those looking for a real challenge.

Private Water

Our fly shop has recognized the demand for privacy and solitude many anglers wish to experience during their time on the water. These waters are exclusively managed and booked through the shop. All of our properties are managed  fly fishing only, catch and release only, and we minimize the amount of fishing pressure to ensure a quality experience. We strongly believe in opening water to the public, however for many of these small farms this is not an option.  

Therefore we make arrangements to improve water, help the farmers, and in return we are allowed to bring small supervised groups of fisherman to these great streams. Mossy Creek Fly Fishing has never privatized water that was once open to the public and never will. Most of our streams are accessible only through our guide services, however, Susie Q Farm is currently available for anglers to reserve to fish without a guide.

Public Water

There is more water within an hours drive of the fly shop to keep even the most hardcore angler busy learning for years! There are nearly 3,000 miles of public trout water available in Western Virginia along with numerous lakes and warm water fisheries. Many of the waters listed are Special Regulation, Delayed Harvest, Wilderness Areas, or the best stocked waters for fly fishing.

There are also descriptions of the warmwater fisheries we frequent on our float trips for smallmouth and largemouth bass, musky, and carp. Because there are so many options, we have listed the waters we fish regularly with the most success. We hope this information will help new anglers or visitors to our area decide where to go and become familiar with what the Shenandoah Valley has to offer!