Harrisonburg, Virginia     Phone: 540-434-2444     Email: store@mossycreekflyfishing.com

We manage over 2 miles of private water on Mossy Creek for guided only fishing. Fish in the seclusion on Virginia’s most popular spring creek.

We manage 2 different properties on Mossy Creek that hold some of the best habitat and deepest undercuts found in all 8 miles of water. Sulphurs are thick on our waters but the trico hatches are the most prolific. Green Drakes take over around Memorial Day and kick off the ‘big bug’ season. Big fish start keying in on surface bugs at this time and quickly begin targeting terrestrials. Japanese beetles, crickets, and hoppers get thick in the summer. Hexes emerge in August and are the last major hatch of the year. We manage these properties for the enjoyment of our clients. Enjoy seclusion on our lightly pressured water where you will never pay extra for rod fees.

Although we are fishing private water, fishing licenses are required. Mossy Creek permits are not required to fish our private waters.