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Virginia Fly Fishing Report 1/13/2020


Shenandoah Valley Virginia Fly Fishing Report and News From Mossy Creek Fly Shop.

The James and Shenandoah Rivers

It is that time of year when the musky are big and fat! Who wants to catch a true trophy?

Bass season is just 90 days away! Have you tied all the flies you need? Have you secured your bookings for your premo time?

Musky fishing has been good lately through this last full moon cycle. We finally got a bump in our water levels as well. We had been running quite a bit below average flow with crystal clear conditions through much of November and December. Trout fishing on the spring creeks has kept us quite busy and the holiday rush this year was like none other we have experienced in the 17 years we have been in business. Now that our 1st winter fishing show is under our belt we can focus back on the fishing and prepping for the spring bass season. We are looking at mild temperatures this week and above average water flows. Once levels drop a tad the musky fishing should be great. Anticipate the temps to reset and cool off over the weekend and into next week. This recent shot of rain should carry us through the next 2-3 weeks with good water flow. If you aren’t interested in musky fishing it would be a great time to gear up for the upcoming bass season in just a few months. We load our boxes with large baitfish patterns, heavy crayfish and jig patterns, and large profile streamers with flash. Plan on fishing the large baitfish patterns weightless in the still water eddy areas behind boulders and along ledges. Let them drop slowly and watch for the strike. Big heavy crayfish flies are used along current seams and to penetrate surface current to get down to fish. Mending your line and waiting for the tip of your line to ‘jump’ is the game here. Fish your flies slowly along the bottom, hopping them ever so slightly with a soft mend when needed. The slower the presentation the better. Large profile baitfish patterns with flash are great for transitional waters and area of ‘diamond chop’ where the current is broken up. These baitfish are great for fishing rapidly through these areas to ‘seek and find’ the fish. We will start with this program in late March and early April and utilize these techniques on through May. 6-8 weight rods, weight forward floating lines, fluorocarbon leaders and tippet, and quality flies will ensure success! Book a trip with our expert team of guides and enjoy some of the best fishing of the year this spring!

The booking calendar for 2020 is already filling up for prime bass fishing. Prespawn fishing really turns early to mid April. Peak spawn generally occurs late April through mid May. Spawn can be delayed by cool water temps or flooding. We have seen black fry and males guarding nests in early June many times. Peak fishing runs May-September. Weekends are already filling up as are prime fishing windows. Reserve your trip today!


Give us a call 540-434-2444 or email store@mossycreekflyfishing.com if you would like to book your float trip!

The joys of float fishing for bass! Laid back relaxation on a beautiful river interrupted by explosive strikes and strong fish!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

Who has been enjoying the brook trout fishing lately? This wacky warm weather has been great!

The mountains received a good coating of snow last week and then a warm shot of rain over the weekend. Streams are finally running bank full and conditions should be excellent this week. Overcast warm weather should really turn on the bite. A few of us will enjoy the trek up into the mountains this week to scout out our favorite waters and pools. Anglers found some good dry fly action over the past few weeks. Large sized 14 blue wing olives and black parachutes have been working well. Those fishing nymphs and small streamers have also been doing well. Stay tuned for more reports as anglers continue to enjoy the mountain streams.

Blue lines and red tails.

Get Geared Up

Spring Creeks

It’s a winter wonderland 1 day and then feels like summer the next day!

It has been a fun few weeks fishing the spring creeks. December was technical at times but fishing was fairly consistent. Bright sunny days when the water was low made for tough conditions but gave us opportunities to target fish on small dry flies. BWO’s and midges continue to produce fish that are looking up. Recent spikes in water volume and decrease in clarity should provide for some excellent streamer fishing this week especially on the overcast and rainy days. Dirty water conditions allow for heavy leaders and big profile flies. Size 16-18 BWO comparaduns, parachutes, griffiths gnats, adams parachutes, and other small midge patterns have been taking fish that are sipping dries off the surface. 3 or 4 weights with long 5-6x leaders will work with any of those dries. Utilize these tactics on Mossy Creek, Beaver Creek, Spring Run, Susie Q Farm, and Buffalo Creek through the winter months. Susie Q Farm has recently been stocked again and and has excellent water flow. Management of this water is changing for 2020. Fees have gone up slightly but it is being stocked a lot more than in the past. Call or email to book your guided trip or private water experience today!

Most productive streamers- Complex Twist Buggers, Bunny Muddlers, Sculpinators, Conehead sculpins, Crystal Buggers, Tequeely’s, Kreelex, Triple Doubles, and Lead Eye Buggers.

Fishing has been pretty steady for us through December. We now have better than average water flow and anticipate things to only continue to improve!

Our buddy Matt Supinski stalking a rising brown trout on Mossy Creek after Christmas.

One of the last fish we landed in 2019!

Nice browns being caught to kick off the New Year!

Managed Trout Water

Many of the local trout streams are low and clear right now.

Water levels are better than they have been all winter! North River DH is full of water and fished well the past few weeks. The Jackson Special Reg area has been stocked recently as well. Your favorite western VA streams are full of fish- Back Creek, Jackson, Bullpasture, Cowpasture, and Spring Run have been fishing well. Check the VDGIF website for updates and load up on split shot, indicators, and attractor nymphs and streamers for the fall season!