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Comfort Is King!

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We have been outfitting anglers in waders and boots for 16 years now and we have learned many things over the years. We carry one of the largest inventories of sizes and models of boots as a result. We understand the importance of being safe, stable, and comfortable on the water. Here is a peek at some of the most popular boots in the industry.

Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boot By Danner

Made In The USA By Revered Boot Maker Danner.

Anyone that knows the Danner boot company knows they do not skimp out when it comes to building footwear. This collaboration between Patagonia and Danner has brought about one of the most comfortable and rugged boots known to fly fishing. Other features like aluminum bars or vibram soles, quick draining, waterproof leather that doesn’t hold excess water, adjustable speed lacing system, oh, and a lifetime guarantee. This means fewer boots thrown away into landfills. Do your feet and mother Earth a favor and try these boots on!

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Simms G3 Wading Boot

A Guide Quality Boot With Excellent Support and Comfort.

Simms’ G3 Guide Boot, much like their flagship G3 Wader, is the industry standard to which most boots are compared. There is a reason this has been one of our most popular selling boots for nearly 2 decades- stability and comfort. Not only is this boot built for keeping your feet happy for multiple long days on the water, it is also built rugged and outlasts most other boots in its class.

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Orvis Pro Wading Boot

Innovation and Exceptional Traction From Michelin!

Yeah, you heard that right. You trust the Michelin name in traction for the tires to get your family and friends safely down the road in wet or dry conditions. We can guarantee you will appreciate the increased wet rubber traction, shock absorption, abrasion resistance, and the Ortholite insole designed for comfort and the best arch support you can find in a wading boot. Quick drying with a large heel pull are other important features in this highly rated boot!

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Korkers Darkhorse Wading Boot

Interchangeable Traction In A Lightweight Rugged Package

The Darkhorse boot has been a best seller since BOA laces hit the fly fishing market. This latest model has hydrophobic materials and internal channels that quickly shed water. Optimize your traction with a variety of soles while enjoying great stability and comfort from the custom heel box. These boots are easy on and off thanks to the boa system and competitively priced.

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Simms Flyweight Wading Boot

A Game Changing Uber Lightweight Boot Built For Hike Wade Excursions.

This newly released boot from Simms has already been difficult to keep in stock. This low profile boot was built on a pro mountain trekking boot platform. You will appreciate the level of comfort thanks to the EVA midsole. The Vibram soles are stud compatible for added traction. You can get in and out of these boots with ease and lace up quickly and comfortably every time with the speed lace system. A must have for the traveling angler as well!

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Orvis Ultralight Wading Shoe

2017 Award Winning Midtop Lightweight Wading Boot.

As an integrated part of the Orvis Ultralight Wading System, the Men’s Ultralight Wading Boot offers exceptional performance and durability without the bulk and weight of a conventional boot. Helps eliminate the need to leave essential gear or clothing at home because of airline weight restrictions, and significantly reduces the energy expended in walking and wading. Over the course of the day this becomes a tremendous benefit for the angler in terms of the overall experience.

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