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The First Rule of Vise Club….Tell All Of Your Friends About Vise Club!

Want to learn more about tying flies? Want to hang out and learn some excellent patterns, get your hands on the latest materials, and learn the patterns the best anglers and guides are using? Bring your crew and join the club at Mossy Creek Fly Fishing Shop.

Every Other Thursday Night from 6-8PM

October 18th

November 1, 15, 29

December 13, 27

January 10, 24

-and on and on and on and on…..

We will post the flies we will be instructing the week prior. The first hour of the evening will cover the posted fly. After the instructor is done, everyone is free to tie patterns of their own and share with the group. Bring your vise and tools and tie along or if you are new, we have an entire fleet of Renzetti vises and tool caddies for use. All materials for the instructed fly will be provided. First come first serve on seating and equipment.