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Mossy Creek Flash Flood Update

Mossy Flood 4

If you haven’t heard, Mossy Creek experienced one of the largest floods in known local history Thursday, August 30th around 7pm. A large rush of water flooded the drainage up to a point that has never been seen before. There have been no reported injuries or deaths from this flood. There has been some property damage and there is a lot of debris scattered along the creek. Please take care if you fish over the next few days as the ground is slick with mud and there are some new trees and bridges piled up in spots. Brian and his neighbor had their barns float away and Brian’s barn hit the Mossy Creek bridge by route 42. The barn was pulverized and its contents are scattered up to a mile downstream. We have been helping gather up the pieces over the past few days. We plan on organizing a volunteer stream cleanup once the weather clears. Thank you to everyone that has offered assistance and prayers through this situation.

A look off of Brian’s porch around 8pm when the water started to crest.

Upstream in the field. The pond is located 5 feet under water.

Water came halfway up the foundation and was about 16″ from getting in the house.