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Virginia Fly Fishing Report 7/6/18

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Shenandoah Valley Virginia Fly Fishing Report and News From Mossy Creek Fly Shop.

We have been enjoying time in the jungles of Bolivia and on the flats of the Bahamas lately. Nick Helle currently holds the Pluma Lodge record dorado for the season!

The James and Shenandoah Rivers

Reports today and for the past week have been excellent on the Shenandoah and James Rivers. There is a threat of storms today that has the potential for high and dirty water again but the extended forecast is looking great. Fish this week have turned onto just about everything. Crayfish and baitfish patterns in the mornings have been great and deer hair and popping bugs have been fishing well in the afternoon hours. This is our peak summer season folks and it will continue through September. Grab the 6-8 weight rods, 8-16lb leaders, and your favorite big bugs and enjoy the warm water rivers now that they are fishable in our region. It was a long tough spring season with all of the flooding rains. Our guides are out on the water all day every day as long as the weather permits. Stay tuned for more reports and updates as the season progresses.

One of the first trips out on the Shenandoah after months of flooding proved productive!

Tim from Charlottesville with a nice fish from earlier this week.

Mr. Loving with one of many largemouth that were fired up this week.

Melissa enjoyed floating over the 4th and caught some nice fish on topwater including this big largemouth bass that sucked down a double barrel popper.

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

The mountain streams are still running full of cold water and the brook trout fishing has been excellent.

The brook trout fishing continues to be excellent. Water levels are about as good as they can get regionally here for July. As long as water levels continue to flow strong, the brook trout fishing will be great. The 10 day forecast isn’t showing much rainfall after today, so head out and enjoy the excellent mountain fishing while it lasts. We are finding some very large and fat fish as fish have certainly been eating well over the past 3-4 months. Ants, beetles, inch worms, and little yellow stones are the most abundant bugs now available to the fish. Stock up on 5x and size 14-16 bugs and go have a blast up in the mountains. The shade and the cool water make for a wonderful escape from the summertime heat!

Dry fly fishing continues to be excellent in the Park and GW Forest streams.

The water may be cold but wet wading this time of year will be much more comfortable than wearing waders.

Some of the larger pools are holding dozens of large fish. If you take your time with stealthy presentations, you can catch many of these fish before the entire hole spooks.

Flooding rains make a mess of our larger rivers but have kept our brook trout fishing solid for an additional month.

Get Geared Up

Spring Creeks

Terrestrial season is here and the spring creeks are finally shaping up for some quality dry fly fishing.

Japanese beetles are currently covering vegetation along the spring creeks. Slight breezes are causing these beetles to fall in the creeks and the fish are really beginning to tune into them. Fish will move long distances to sip these insects in when they hear that distinct ‘plop’. Fish a 9-10′ 5x leader, size 12-14 beetle pattern and cast to create a loud smash into the creek. We are also witnessing a ton of juvenile grasshoppers, more than any previous year so far. This could be one of the better hopper seasons we have had in a while. Water levels are still above spring levels right now and we are hopeful to have quality water flow now into September. Enjoy the massive trico hatches now going off in the early morning hours, terrestrial fishing in the afternoon, and try a big floating minnow or mouse pattern in the evening hours!

Denise had a stellar day on Beaver Creek tearing up the rainbow trout.

The season is here…our spring creek trout absolutely love beetles!

How great do those grassy banks look for a big juicy terrestrial pattern?!?

Managed Trout Water

Releasing a good sized rainbow trout.

The stocking season is over but the fishing on the Jackson, Back Creek, Bullpasture, Spring Run, North River, Buffalo Creek, and South River has still been good. Water flows are well above average and temps are still holding on many of these creeks. Enjoy the extended season!

VDGIF has been busy this spring stocking your favorite freestone streams and lakes. Sugar Hollow Reservoir, Mint Springs, Pedlar River, Elkhorn Lake, Braley Pond, Sherando Lake, North River DH, South River DH, Spring Run, South River SRA, Douthat, Jackson River at Hidden Valley and Poor Farm, Back Creek DH, Bullpasture, Cowpasture, Hardware River DH, Rose River, Hughes River, Robinson River, Tye River, Hawksbill Creek, Maury River, Silver Lake, Hone Quarry, Briery Branch, Stony Creek, Mill Creek, and Passage Creek DH should keep you busy if you are in our area! Stock up on crystal buggers, golden retrievers, kreelex, slump busters, and a variety of attractor nymph patterns in size 12-16 for these VA managed streams. Don’t forget your strike indicators and split shot!