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New Tacky Fly Boxes

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Orvis and Tacky have collaborated to create one of the best fly boxes ever. There are two new options to choose from. Check the specs below for all the details!

What We Like About It

Why do we love tacky boxes so much? Well, for starters, they are going to last forever. The silicone inserts are amazing and hold flies better than foam. The silicone also has incredible memory so accidental piercings and tears refill like nothing ever happened. The material is stable and safe on your car dashboard or frozen on the bottom of your boat in the winter. The magnetic closure holds the box closed but opens easily. Depth and size of the boxes allow for maximum capacity and organization without eating up a lot of room in your vest or pack. There isn’t much we don’t like about these bad boys!

What We Don't Like About It

Ok, again, there isn’t much we don’t like about these boxes. In order to be fair to all other boxes available on this planet, tacky boxes are heavy compared to their slotted foam cousins. Silicone is heavier than foam and the box doors are built out of a tougher crush proof material. The weight penalty of these boxes are worth it. The ability to hold hundreds of flies and know they are cozy and comfy in an ultra plush ride will have you forgetting about the few extra ounces you are toting around. These boxes will also scratch on the exterior over time. This in no way lessens the integrity of the box but will certainly give it a ‘seasoned’ look. This is easily fixed by coating the box in your favorite stickers or personal flair. All of the tacky family of boxes have been well received by the fly fishing industry. We are yet to hear any major complaints about any of the tacky products and trust that Tacky will stand behind their product 100%.


This large fly box holds 336 flies while taking up less space than conventional fly boxes.

An exclusive high-volume, low-profile, and highly durable fly box. Tacky mats are silicone that hold flies tighter and are much more durable with excellent resistance to the elements. Polycarbonate box has a slim profile, won’t warp, takes up less room in vest pockets and has a secure latch-free magnetic closure. Facing mats offer a capacity of 336 flies. Teardrop and slit designed to hold size 10 to 18 flies, but will hold larger and smaller flies with ease.
7″L x 3¾”W x 1″D.

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Spend less time guessing and more time fishing with this innovative dropper fly box.

The perfect box to organize flies for dropper fishing. One side has the Original Tacky Mat for small nymphs and the other side has the Big Bug Tacky Mat for larger patterns such as streamers, hoppers, stimulators, parachutes, and larger nymphs. Holds 240 flies total. Tacky silicone mats hold better and are much more durable. The box is a tough polycarbonate that won’t warp and closes with a secure magnetic closure. Slim profile takes up less room in your vest. In solid gray.
7″L x 3¾”W x 1¼”D.

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