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Celebrate American Fly Rods This 4th of July!

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It’s the 4th of July next week and we are ready to celebrate this great nation. In honor of Independence Day we are recognizing our favorite fly rod companies producing the finest fly rods in the world made right here in the USA!

Scott Fly Rods of Montrose Colorado

The Orvis Company of Manchester Vermont

Sage Fly Rods of Bainbridge Washington

Winston Fly Rods of Twin Bridges Montana

These companies design and manufacture fly rods in the USA. How do these rod companies continue to grow and survive in such a competitive marketplace?  Many say it is the incredible attention to detail.  Fly Rods are still handmade, and the beauty of a Winston is second to none.  May be its the high quality materials like military grade thermoplastic resins in the Orvis Helios 2 also found in Apache Helicopter blades.  Others will say it is the genius of our rod designers. Look no further than Jim Bartschi of Scott Fly Rods for brilliant new designs that continue to win awards year after year.  Or it could be because we have access to the best technology.  Its no secret Boeings proximity to the Sage factory has rubbed off on them a bit. At the end of the day USA made fly rods have 1 thing in common- the people. The R and D teams, scientists, and those cutting, painting, and wrapping rods are all part of age old red-blooded American manufacturing. Just visit one of these incredible facilities and you may even begin to feel guilty if you aren’t buying American made rods.  Support USA built rods and help us keep fly rods as American as apple pie.

Check out these great stories of hardcore Americana:

-Orvis Rod Factory – http://bcove.me/uk4a4ume

-Winston Rod Factory- http://www.winstonrods.com/category/winston-channel/company-videos.php

-Scott Rod Factory- https://vimeo.com/25445946

-Sage Rod Factory- http://www.sageflyfish.com/about/our-story/

Mossy Creek Fly Fishing is proud to support these great companies and the American men and women they employ.  Happy Fourth of July!