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Virginia Fly Fishing Report 2/24/16

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Shenandoah Valley Virginia Fly Fishing Report and News From Mossy Creek Fly Shop.

The James and Shenandoah Rivers

The Shenandoah and James have been rocking and rolling now for over a month. Musky fishing has been difficult through all of this high water and we are now chomping at the bit for spring smallmouth season! Our peak spring season runs mid April through mid May. Dates are filling up quickly for our guided services but we still have a few days left to put you on some big smallies. Smallmouth bass will begin their migration out of their winter holes in early April and begin seeking out prime spawning areas. If water conditions are good these big fish are available to catch on flies put in the proper locations. Load heavy on CK Baitfish, big clawdads, and baitfish patterns. Fish the soft areas of current around big mid river ledges, current seams, and areas behind islands and clean backwater areas. These fish will concentrate heavily in these areas and you will be hard pressed to find them elsewhere. Take 8 weights, heavy leaders and tippet and enjoy! We will post updates on our bass fishing once the river levels begin to cooperate for us!

AHHHH, Spring Smallmouth Bass….We can’t wait!

Mossy Creek’s musky madman Shane Maybush is still putting fish in the boat between high dirty water and foul weather. Nothing can stop this guy!

Mountain Brook Trout Streams

Who is ready for the spring fishing up in the mountains? We are! We are guaranteed to have good water flow into April at this point as the rain just won’t quit. Aquifers are filled up nicely and consistent rain is keeping our streams more than full. With nearly 5 years of quality water flow, good spawns, and a few great seasons with dense populations of fish, we are looking forward to another AWESOME year fishing for brook trout. Fish size should be great as fish in the 10-13″ are already being caught. Once water temps warm up a bit and the insects start hatching we are expecting to hear about record breaking days. We have everything you need to gear up for the season so stop by and see us!

Get Geared Up

Spring Creeks

Big winter brown trout from the public stretch of Mossy Creek.

High dirty water has been the name of the game lately. Rain storms have been rolling through almost weekly. Water levels remain high everywhere but the spring creeks clear up after a few days. You will need to continue to fish heavy flies to get down through the current. Sink tip lines are helping pull flies down into the strike zone. Nymph fishermen are having success with tungsten bead flies and jigged nymphs fished deep with split shot. Near nuff sculpins, clawdads, deep crystal buggers, slump busters, kreelex, and thin mints are working well most days on the big brown trout. Try a big black and blue clawdad in dirty water jigged aggressively along the bottom!!! 6 weights and heavy tippet can be used in high water as the fish have not been overly leader shy. 5 weights and heavy nymph rigs are working on Beaver Creek and Smith Creek. We are hoping for the water to clear up a bit so we get some residual dry fly fishing in this winter. Keep an eye on the weather as rain storms have been pretty nasty lately bringing some of these creeks out of their banks.

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Wayne with a nice spring creek rainbow from a warmer day this winter.

Warm feelings on a very cold day on the spring creeks.

Managed Trout Water

VDGIF has been out stocking all of your favorite trout waters. High water has plagued us most weeks but once water levels drop fishing should be great just about everywhere!

VDGIF has been out stocking all of your favorite trout streams. North River DH, South River DH, South River Special Reg, Back Creek DH, Passage Creek DH, The Bullpasture, and the Jackson Special Reg. have been stocked multiple times and fishing reports have been good. Anglers are having success with Kreelex, Golden Retrievers, Near Nuff Sculpins, Slump Busters, Madonna streamers, Crystal Buggers, Jigged nymphs, Ck nymphs, Copper Johns, Guides Choice Hare’s Ears, and Bloody Mary Nymphs. Have plenty of split shot, strike indicators, and tippet rings to be prepared to create any rig necessary. Keep an eye on the USGS gauges for updated water flows and VDGIF for updated stocking info!