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Fishpond Does It Again!

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John Le Coq and the Kurtz brothers have done it again for 2016. What you ask? They have innovated some of the coolest and well thought out accessories, packs, nets, and eco friendly products the fly fishing industry has ever seen! A few of these items are already becoming overwhelmingly popular. Check them out below.

Fishpond Drifty Boat Caddie

How many beers have you spilled in your boat, be honest. You can now keep your beer in the perfect place next to your forceps, tippet, nippers, flies, and essentials! The molded holder will not sag and will keep a large water bottle or can secure through the worst whitewater. The well thought out design allows you to attach it to your boat gunwales or you can use the hypalon straps and screw it to your cooler.

  • Patented, signature molded zip-down fly bench with replaceable foam
  • Adjustable gunwale hooks
  • Straps for securing to a raft frame
  • Molded beverage holder
  • Includes TPU coated snaps for attaching the Drifty to a plastic cooler
  • Large zippered main compartment for fly boxes and gear
  • Webbing loops for tool and accessory attachment
  • Jacquard webbing daisy chain loops
  • Large velcro patch for securing fly on outside of fly bench
  • 11.25″ x 9″ x 5″
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Fishpond Cerveza Side Kick

There is little doubt this will be our BEST selling small check pack in the future. Strap it on your boat, take it out for the sulphur hatch, or for a quick lap around your favorite pond…..The boys at Fishpond did it again with a fun, innovative pack that will please a lot of anglers!

Just as its name implies, the Cerveza Sidekick is a constant companion for your favorite beverage, with the added functionality for the essential tools, fly boxes and other gear you need close at hand. It allows the angler to carry the priorities in a variety of ways, including use a chest pack with padded neck and waist strap, TPU coated webbing lash straps with velcro to wrap around aluminum raft frames and casting braces, or with the TPU snap tabs that allows for attachment to plastic coolers. When you want all the essentials nearby, this is the perfect solution.

  • Low profile, vertical design
  • Zippered main compartment for secure storage
  • Molded beverage holder
  • Exterior Hypalon tabs, D-rings and cord loops for gear attachment
  • Padded neck strap and waist strap for all-day comfort
  • Velcro patch for small foam benches or gear attachments
  • Belt loop attachment
  • Zippered main compartment for secure fly box storage
  • Cord loops for tool and accessory attachment
  • 9.5″ x 6″ x 5″
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Fishpond Molded Bottle Holder

A NEW Mossy Creek Favorite!!!

Good things in life don’t sag. Think about it. When ice cream sags, it means a surefire melty mess. When water bottle holders sag, it means losing your favorite beverage to the river gods. With Fishpond’s Molded Water Bottle Holder, there’s a bombproof way to eliminate sag and keep your beverage secure. Add it to any pack with velcro or strap it to your boat frame. Accessorize it or just use it for a beer. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Velcro® strap attachment
  • Locking drawstring closure at the top
  • Mesh pouch with rugged ballistic nylon bottom
  • Bottle not included
  • 4 way lash tab
  • Hypalon attachment points for tools
  • Webbing loop for gear a
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El Jefe Nomad Net

These are hands down the coolest nets on the market. Lightweight, tough, and again…just freaking cool! The Mossy Creek crew carries them around the spring creeks and has them loaded in their boats!

Nomad nets are made using a mixture of carbon fiber and fiber glass. The result is a very lightweight and durable net. Nomad nets are built for the conditions that prevail where great fishing exists; they are waterproof, UV protected, and float like a cork. All Nomad nets come standard with a clear rubber bag.

  • Carbon Fiber & Fiberglass composite
  • Waterproof/weatherproof & buoyant
  • Clear rubber net bag included–Black bag sold separately
  • RiverKoat finish (rubberized paint for the greatest grip when wet)
  • Scale on handle
  • Patent pending
  • 41.5” Length
  • Weight with rubber bag: 535g or 1.23lbs
  • 13”W x 21.75”L Head
  • Bag depth of 14″
  • Scale on handle
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Fishpond Thunderhead Sling

Thunderhead: ‘a cumulonimbus cloud seen during thunderstorms.’ We skipped Latin class – went fishing instead, as should you – but we gather it is a very tall, large cloud just itching to dump massive quantities of rain on your head. And gear … we heard these things love soaking gear. Hence we developed a waterproof sling that would show contempt for these clouds with their fancy titles. It has spacious interior for everything you want dry, and a quick access exterior pocket with a water-resistant zipper. Add Hypalon tabs and D-rings for affixing tools, a slot down the back for your net, and a name that says “Come and get me you coo-moo-lowhatever!”

  • TPU welded fabric construction
  • TIZIP® submersible zipper
  • YKK Aquaguard #8 water resistant exterior pocket
  • Mesh sling and back panel for increased ventilation and comfort
  • Large zipper opening with zippered interior accessory pocket
  • Integrated guide net slot
  • Exterior Hypalon® tabs and reinforced cord loops for tool and accessory attachment
  • Cyclepond recycled fabric
  • 2 lbs
  • 16″ x 9″ x 6.5″
  • Main pocket is fully submersible
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Summit Sling

This is already our best selling new style sling and we are quite certain this trend will continue as word spreads… Admittedly, Fishpond was not first to the water with a fishing sling pack, yet typical for Fishpond, when they decide to design any product, they make it to be the very best. The Summit Sling is just that. The most comfortable, durable, and design rich sling available….anywhere. With recycled fishing net nylon material, you can wear this pack knowing you are making a difference to help keep our planet healthy.

  • Includes patented and signature molded drop down fly/cargo bench with outside velcro for fly foam attachment
  • Hypalon and tool attachment features in all the right places
  • Coated YKK water resistant zippers
  • Flexible TPE lash tabs for rod tubes
  • Integrated net sleeve on back panel
  • Shoulder pad work station with velcro and Hypalon attachment points
  • Cyclepond recycled fabric
  • 2 lbs
  • 13″ x 8.5″ x 9″
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